ISO 9001:2015 and beyond

First published in 1987, ISO 9000 has consistently been ISO’s most popular series of standards. Now, building on 25 years of success, ISO technical committee ISO/TC 176,Quality management and quality assurance, subcommittee SC 2, Quality systems, is busy laying the groundwork for the next generation of quality management standards.

As we celebrate the “silver jubilee” of the ISO 9000 series of quality management standards, we could view and discuss this key event in several ways.

Reaping the rewards

For a start, we could look back at the incredible success of these standards in promoting quality management (and ISO !) around the world.

We could congratulate ourselves that : they have consistently been ISO’s best-selling standards ; they have firmly established a common platform and language for organizations to discuss quality ; and, by defining requirements in ISO 9001, Quality management systems, that give a base-level confidence in an organization’s ability to provide conforming products, they have facilitated world trade.

We could also talk at length about how the standards have formed a basis for the development of other management systems including environmental, health and safety, information security and energy ; and how ISO 9001:2008, Quality management systems – Requirements, and ISO 9004:2009, Managing for the sustained success of an organization – A quality management approach, are widely used in specific sectors such as aerospace, telecommunications, education, local government and healthcare.

Instead of self-congratulation, though, let us look to the future. In particular, let’s review what ISO/TC 176/SC 2 is doing to ensure its standards continue to provide a solid foundation for quality management over the next 25 years.

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