Savvy organizations prefer performance-based credentials for their employees. Individual practitio
ners can stand out from the crowd with an advanced credential.

Get the advanced Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager’s credential you deserve — and need — from MAPM.

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MAPM offers the IPMA Four Level Certification (4-L-C) System with advanced, professionally-assessed certifications.

WHO Is Interested in Certification?

Are you? Practicing Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers who want to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism are interested in advanced certifications.
Enterprise and Government Executives and Sponsors who want competent individuals who can deliver business results are very interested.

Project Team members who want to stand out from the crowd are interested in demonstrating their understanding of project management to complement their role-specific talents.

Corporate trainers who want to provide real value to their clients are interested. Professional training organizations that specialize in project, program, and portfolio management are interested. College and University leaders who want assurance that their curriculum is relevant are interested.

If you aren’t yet interested, maybe you should be?

WHAT Certification Level is Right for You?
The IPMA Four Level Certification (4-L-C) system includes advanced, performance-based certifications for experienced managers as well as an entry level, knowledge-based certification for newcomers. Best of all, you can enter the system based on your current level.

WHY Should You Certify?
Executives and managers support certification to gain a competitive advantage. Individuals certify to enhance their career opportunities. And some individuals do it just to prove they can … Of course, all those listed above in the WHO question, know WHY their audiences need advanced PPPM certifications. 

HOW Can You Certify?
You can go it alone: download your application and its supporting documents here: Application Downloads.

Compare Certification Programs
Compare MAPM’s certification offerings to those of other professional associations as well as those of some commercial providers.